Fore Testing / Drilling, Inc.


Environmental  Drilling & Direct Push Services




Robert Bender has over 35 years drilling experience , providing drilling services to the Mid-West since 1991. He gets the job done on time and within project budget!

Fore Testing has been assisting  environmental consultants with their drilling needs in the midwest since 1991. At Fore Testing we have the equipment, personnel and a competitive fee schedule to assist you in projects that require environmental and geotechnical drilling. With over thirty five years experience, drilling jobs are completed cost effectively with the highest of quality. Fore Testing employees have all completed OSHA 40 hour safety training for hazardous waste sites and stay current with their 8 hour refresher. We are skilled professionals certified in the states of Kentucky (monitoring well ), Indiana ( monitoring well ) and also registered as a Ohio private water system contractor for well abandonment of drinking water wells.